The COVID pandemic has caused lots of changes in how businesses are run, and because of the stay-at-home orders, it became mandatory for companies to go online. And one primary tool you need for scaling your online business is a website. 

Did you know that as COVID-19 shut down traditional sales channels for many B2B brands in 2020, the value of digital transactions grew 9.6% to reach $9.92 trillion?

So, if you didn’t have a reason to have a website before now, the COVID pandemic is a primary reason to build one and start pushing your business online. In this article, we’ll be showing you some reasons why having a website post-covid is crucial.

Customers Have Become More Comfortable Using Digital Tools

Ecommerce stores have recorded an increase in visitors because they have become more comfortable getting their groceries online. And this has proven to be the more convenient way to shop.

Pre-covid, many customers didn’t trust these channels because of the many risks involved, so they’d instead go to a physical store to inquire about a business. But things are different now that not many stores can open physically.

And to maintain that continued connection with your customers, it is only reasonable to have a website and push your online efforts, as this would help you keep making sales.

Fewer Brick-N-Mortar Businesses Open

This is the more obvious point. Brick-N-Mortar businesses couldn’t open up shop due to COVID. And because of this, studies have shown that 54.6% of consumers were using direct-to-consumer channels to purchase consumable products or nonperishable items.

For customers who couldn’t shop through their physical stores, online stores are their only options. And because we human beings are so adaptable, this form of purchase will continue well into the future. To confirm this, 73% of consumers using D2C eCommerce over the course of COVID-19 plan to continue post-pandemic.

So, post-COVID, your customers will still want to do their business online rather than visiting a brick-n-mortar store.

Increased ROI from Digital Advertising 

According to studies, “around half of the adults were using social media more at the beginning of the pandemic, with strong increases in engagement across Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. US adult social media users spent seven more minutes per day on social media in 2020 than 2019 – a total of 82 minutes.”

So, polishing your digital efforts post-pandemic will help your business is crucial to helping your business scale. Because as you can see, more people are online, which means more people can see your ads.

Having a website to bring those leads to when you advertise is even as important as the ad. More studies have shown that YouTube ad revenue grew to $6.89B in Q4 2020 from $4.72B in Q4 2019 as the pandemic fueled video growth. The ad revenue grew because more people were clicking on ads. Plus, this will increase even more post-COVID.

A More Efficient Way to Acquire Customers

Among the benefits paid advertising offers, at the top of it, you have better targeting. Taking your efforts online lets you connect with your target audience better. No longer do you have to work share fliers, use billboards, and the other traditional marketing strategies. Because owning a website gives you more control.

You can now do paid ads and target your desired audience to give you the results you need. Plus, this time, you now have more serious customers.

The pandemic just made us all see that there’s a more convenient way to connect with businesses, which is online. And studies have shown that even after COVID-19 effects subside, 68% of U.S. shoppers expect to continue buying essential goods online.

This is a disruptive opportunity for many businesses because customers have been forced to change their buying behaviors. So, whoever adopts this change speedily, will benefit the most.

A website will help you bring customers through paid ads and SEO. And retain them through your activities online

To Conclude

The pandemic and the lockdown brought a lot of change in the business scene and the world as a whole. And for your business to thrive in this period, you have to keep to the times. This starts with building a website and taking your business and marketing efforts online. 

The earlier you can accept this truth and leverage digital marketing, the better for your business.

Noah Vertefeuille

Noah Vertefeuille is a marketing genius. He has an uncanny ability to see opportunities where others don't and create businesses out of thin air. He is the CMO of, a company that helps small businesses achieve their online marketing goals. Noah is also a serial entrepreneur and father of three. He's always looking for more efficient ways to get things done, and he loves using technology to make life easier. When he's not working or spending time with his family, Noah enjoys brewing beer and hobby farming.

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