In this post, we will focus on the benefits of having a multilingual website, what the common challenges are, and why WordPress is the best tool for their needs. We’ll also go over how to properly set up your WordPress website so that you can easily translate content into different languages.

For businesses with an online presence in more than one country or region, there’s no question: it pays to have a multilingual website. But many small business owners don’t realize just how easy it is to create and maintain one using WordPress!

What is a multilingual website

A multilingual website is one that has content in more than one language. All it takes to create a website with translated versions of your pages and posts are two things: professional translation services, and the use of WordPress’ different languages plugins. That’s all there is to it!

How to create one with WordPress

Setting up your WordPress website so that it can be translated into different languages is a quick and easy process. Just follow these three simple steps:

– Install the WPML plugin for multilingual content

– Translate those pages, posts and widgets on your site to another language using Google Translate or professional translation services

– Adjust settings as needed.

Does that sound super simple? That’s because it is. The scalability of WordPress allows it to add functionality without hassle or a lot of additional work.

The benefits of creating a multilingual website on WordPress

If you have a multilingual website, one of the most important benefits is that people from all over the world can visit it no matter what language they speak. It’s also easier for your site to rank higher on search engine results pages because Google and other engines take into account how many languages your content appears in when ranking sites.

So by creating a website in WordPress and using a plugin to add the new language, you’re on your way. If every word doesn’t translate correctly, there are plugins that can help with internationalization.

After installing WPML or Polylang for example, simply select the languages you want to work in from their dropdown menus.

Common pitfalls when creating a multilingual site  – language, content, and design

One of the biggest pitfalls when creating a multilingual site is not being sure which language you should translate your content into. It’s important to know that there are two options:

You can either create a website in WordPress, and use different plugins to add new languages at any time – or create separate websites for each country/language. The first option is often much cheaper and more manageable, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on today.

The other thing to consider when creating a multilingual site are the design elements of your website – different cultures have different ways of doing things, which might not translate well into another language or culture. Keep in mind things like colors, typography, and other functionality. This can be ignored if you are designing a multilingual website for the Uited States.

Tips for using plugins to make managing your site easier and more efficient

Google Translate plugin: this is a must if you want to give your website visitors the option of translating the site into their preferred language. You can also set it up so that only certain pages are translated, for example – “contact us” page and not every single blog post or product description on your website.

– WPML plugin can be installed to make it easier for you and your website visitors to translate the site into their preferred language.

– You can also create a multilingual homepage with WPML by installing two WordPress sites, one in each of the languages that you want to support on your home page.

Creating a multilingual website is easier than you might think. You don’t have to be an expert in web design or programming languages to get it done—you just need the right tools and information. If you want someone else to handle all of the technical details, we can help with that too! With our expertise in digital marketing, SEO services, WordPress development, and more, there isn’t much we can’t do for your business online. What are some things that make creating a multilingual site difficult? We recommend avoiding language barriers by using Google Translate as well as plugins such as WPML (or Polylang) which will translate pages on-the-fly based on what country they’re being.

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