Do you have a spam problem on your website? If you do, then don’t worry. There are some tricks and plugins that can help stop spam comments in contact and lead forms. In this blog post, we will go over how to use WordPress plugins such as Akismet and Jetpack Anti-Spam to keep your website free of spam comments. This guide is perfect for those who want to know what it takes to stop spam in its tracks!

What is spam and how does it happen on WordPress

Spam usually comes in the form of unwelcome comments and lead form submissions. It can happen any website including yours if you are not careful. Spammers leave spam comments to get their links back, but they don’t realize that their comment will also include a link for all other commenters to see as well. With lead form submissions, the content can be anything to advertising lewd objects to accusing the business owner of copyright infringement. Either way, spam causes more stress and can overwhelm real leads that might be coming your way.

How to stop spam from being sent through your contact form

There are a few ways to stop spam from being sent through your contact forms. First, you can install and activate Akismet for WordPress. This is an excellent plugin that can stop spam comments in their tracks as it uses the cloud to check if commenters have been reported before they’re allowed on your website or even contacted

Additionally, there are other contact form specific plugins that offer spam protection. Contact form lockdown, for example, stops spam by both blocking and deleting submissions to the page. This plugin is popular because it doesn’t require users to manually submit comments or set up any rules

Helpful WordPress Plugins to stop spam include:

  • Akismet
  • Contact form lockdown
  • WP Security Force
  • Disqus Comments (WP Socialize)
  • WPArmor
  • Gravity Forms Zero Spam
  • Titan Anti-spam & Security

Each of these options are a great tool for stopping spam in its tracks.

How to create a more secure password for your site

A spammer, or the term “commenter,” who is also a cyber criminal will typically use bots to flood comment sections and form fields. This enables them to create spam links that show up in your website’s search engine results pages (SERP) as well as on social media platforms like Facebook–which can be embarrassing for you. Sometimes those people are commenters are more likely to use spam bots because it is less work than actually making a thoughtful comment.

A spammer will typically do this by:

– Hijacking your website’s search engine rankings with inappropriate links that point to their site

– Organizing campaigns of abuse on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus for political and socio-economic reasons.

These same spammers are very likely to use brute force attacks against your website. Having a strong password is a very easy way to stop these would be hackers from accessing your site and causing havoc.

Why you should always use https:// instead of http://

– Http:// connections are not encrypted so it’s very easy for hackers to intercept the information

– The “s” in ssl stands for secure which means you’re protected

Some other things that can be done to stop spam:

– Just because a website is well known, doesn’t mean it should get preferential treatment. Consider investing in an SSL certificate that will help protect your website

– Install spam protection plugins like Akismet or Sucuri Security to stop spam in contact and lead forms

– Always use a captcha when you have comments on your site

Follow these tips for the best solutions against spam. When using WordPress, there are many plug ins that can be downloaded as well. Between plugins and an SSL certificate, your site will be secure enough against any kind of hacker.

Ways to protect yourself from hackers when using WordPress

While spam might be the most obvious threat, often times it is often just a testing ground for would-be hackers. The next place to turn to is anti-hacking security. plugins. Sucuri Security is one of the best providers, and they offer a free version with some limited features such as a firewall and IP blacklist to block repeat offenders. Most hosting companies such as WPEngine also often security add-ons and reporting which help to push off hackers and prevent attacks at the beginning on your site.

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this blog post, and hopefully have given you some insight into how to keep your WordPress site safe from spam. There are many things that can be done to protect yourself against spammers on WordPress, but it doesn’t hurt to contact us if you want peace of mind! For $250, we’ll do all the work for you–95% of email will never ever reach your inboxes again (and those 5% who still get through? They’re our problem now.) Contact us today!

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