If you are a small business owner, you probably already know there are dozens of email marketing and marketing automation tools available on the market today. Many of these tools are geared toward small businesses. They are advertised heavily, making it more challenging for small business owners to find the best email marketing and automation tool for their needs.

Keeping budget top of mind is critical for many small business owners in all of their endeavors. Some email and marketing automation tools are cost-prohibitive. Others offer the wrong mix of features, either far too complicated or too basic, to meet small businesses’ needs and budgets.

SharpSpring Marketing Automation combines robust technology and great tools to simplify and expand email marketing and marketing automation efforts. Read on to learn more, then reach out to the expert marketing team at Outside The Box Design for more help with your email marketing and automation program.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is any number of technologies or software platforms that help companies market more effectively on online channels, like social media or email. Marketing automation often works by reducing or eliminating repetitive tasks. If you are not spending time or money on these low-value but necessary activities, you can focus efforts and energy on tasks with a more significant return on investment.    

Why is SharpSpring the Obvious Choice for Small Business Marketing Automation?

SharpSpring Marketing Automation is a cohesive system designed to be intuitive and grow with your business at a price point that makes sense for small businesses. Their suite of features is inclusive and will support the needs of your business as they evolve. Many of SharpSpring’s features are dynamic and continue to be enhanced as business needs change and technology advances.

SharpSpring Features

The program includes a smart email marketing system that can be customized to appeal to your distinct customers, as well as many other features:

  • Smart Email – Create exciting and new emails without boring your customers, plus track clicks and the actions by leads taken after the click
  • Dynamic Forms – Build dynamic and easily updated forms designed to convert more of your leads to sales
  • Marketing Automation System – Sync customer information in real-time to influence leads at critical buying opportunities
  • VisitorID – Collects identities of site visitors, tracks clicks, and uses behavior-based monitoring to analyze actions taken
  • CRM Integrations – Use built-in CRM or integrate your own existing CRM system
  • Landing Pages – Design creative landing pages and persuasive sales funnels to convert leads to sales with intuitive drag-and-drop design software
  • Blog – Writing a blog about your business establishes your authority and credibility – SharpSpring’s blog builder let you easily build your blog and share it on social media, tracking results using social media widgets
  • Marketing Analytics – Track email campaigns to measure ROI
  • Platform – Includes integrations with hundreds of third-party vendors and providers to meet small businesses’ needs in one place. Current third-party vendor integrations available include Gravity Forms, WordPress, and Salesforce.
  • Social Media – Social media management tools to track and convert meaningful social media interactions to sales – takes online conversations to sales

Other Options

There are many other competitors to SharpSpring, including MailChimp, Constant Contact, HubSpot, and ActOn. But these competitors do not offer the same robust and easy-to-use mix of features that SharpSpring offers at a reasonable price for small businesses. The mix of features and competitive price point makes SharpSpring the obvious choice for small business email marketing and marketing automation.

How do I Learn More?

To learn more about SharpSpring Marketing Automation, contact the experts at Outside The Box Design. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

Noah Vertefeuille

Noah Vertefeuille is a marketing genius. He has an uncanny ability to see opportunities where others don't and create businesses out of thin air. He is the CMO of OTBM.io, a company that helps small businesses achieve their online marketing goals. Noah is also a serial entrepreneur and father of three. He's always looking for more efficient ways to get things done, and he loves using technology to make life easier. When he's not working or spending time with his family, Noah enjoys brewing beer and hobby farming.

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