Social Media Tips for the Upcoming Holidays

The United States Census Bureau shares how more than $19 billion is spent in retail sales during the holidays. No matter if you are just getting started or an established company, it is essential to promote your brand during the holiday season. Here are some holiday social media tips to embrace, starting now:

  • Share Holiday Stories: Bring out the holiday spirit by adding festive visuals to your website, social media platforms, and stories. Take time to share personal stories about what your company is doing to help others during the holidays, which can be a challenging time for many people. Post about what traditions you are embracing, such as decorating trees or writing cards to loved ones. Add memorable images to showcase what you are saying and tell heartwarming stories to get others in the holiday spirit. Stories can be described in writing, videoed as a vlog, or briefed in an interview.
  • Engage with your Followers: Everyone likes to feel special and receive personalized notes. If someone writes a question on your social media feed, try to respond personally to them as soon as possible. They will appreciate your feedback, and others will notice how you actively interact with your customer base. Also, send out special promotions for customers already following you. Reward them by sending extra discounts and codes. Moreover, you can hold contests and hand out free giveaways if followers tag their friends, share themed photos, or simply respond to a question you post.
  • Collaborate with Others: It’s easy to get swept up in the competition out there, but it’s also great to work with other local businesses. Partner up with an organization, charity, or small business you believe in. Work together to create a meaningful event that will not only promote both companies, but allow your audience to engage with you and have fun. For instance, you could hold a fundraising event to donate proceeds to a local charity while showcasing new collections people can purchase or offer services such as free gift wrapping to prepare for the holiday season.
  • Showcase Your Favorite Products: Allow your audience to see what you are promoting via great photos and videos. Start by unwrapping your product and actively detail how to use it correctly. If it’s a skin care product, demonstrate the best ways to apply on each moisturizer or serum. If it’s a food item, show what other food or beverage pairs well with it. Give advice on how your product actually works and how others can benefit from purchasing it. Give a background story on what inspired you to create the product to begin with and what you hope to achieve from selling it. For instance, perhaps you want others to feel beautiful in their skin or want to bring your love of a particular culture’s food to where you are currently living. Share these personal stories with your clients, and your brand will shine naturally.
  • Offer Words of Wisdom: Talk about your journey as a small business owner. What drove you to get your own business started, and how would you advise other future entrepreneurs? Mention leaders who inspired you or companies who encouraged you to pave your way. What and who helped you create your brand the most? Share relatable quotes and connect with others, all while displaying gratitude. Highlight how the year was for you, including the achievements you made and the challenges you hope to overcome. Stay relevant and thankful for all that you have accomplished and show how excited you are for the next year ahead. Moreover, offer others who are struggling extra encouragement to stay tenacious and include how you can help as well.

Overall, remember that you are having an open conversation with your audience as you promote your small business on social media. Ask for feedback, respond to customers’ inquiries, and don’t be afraid to divulge authentic stories. People will celebrate and appreciate your openness and willingness to share with others.

Final Thoughts

The holidays involve a flurry of emotions and festive events. Ensure that your small business is being promoted while also spreading good cheer to your audience. Inform people about what your brand is all about and support one another during this joyful season.

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