Search engine optimization experts worth their name will tell you that not all strategies will give you the kinds of results that you need, some may get you into a lot of trouble. Black Hat SEO is the kind that can even lead to the blacklisting of your page, leading to a loss of visibility. Black Hat SEO basically means involvement in a practice where you want to rank your website using means which are in violation of the terms and services of search engines. Although this may work over a short time, it has serious consequences, not the kind you may want for your business. Search engines are always on the lookout for websites which are violating their terms and policies and it is just a matter of time before they catch up. Here are 7 Black Hat SEO mistakes to avoid:

  • Keyword stuffing: This might be the easiest to implement but in the long run it will lead to a disaster. Even when the search engines are not on your case, it doesn’t make sense to stuff your content with keywords, the people whom you’re targeting will have a hard time reading or understanding the content. This will have a negative effect on your website.
  • Use of invisible text: This is any text which readers can’t view but the search engines can. Setting font size zero or making white text on white background are some of the Black Hat SEO tactics that are against search engine policies and need to be avoided.
  • Link exchange or buying some of which may irrelevant, these will have a negative effect on your optimization. You should avoid them as they are not good for SEO.
  • Spamming users on social media networks through sending many links without any relevant information is also considered a Black Hat tactic and you’ll suffer some penalties from social engines. It’s a practice which should be avoided if you’re to run a successful SEO campaign.
  • Cloaking, where the web pages show two sets of keyword stuffed content for crawlers and another one which is readable only for users. Although the readers will get relevant content, the search engine’s guidelines have not been followed. Content is supposed to be created for human readers.
  • Spinning articles is a practice of producing the same content but in a different form. It’s mainly done by those who like avoiding creation of new content. The articles are poor and do not provide any relevant content to readers.
  • Use of keywords which are not related to your business, this not only confuses web visitors but Search engines will reject and penalize you, negatively affecting your site.

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